may in photos.


april in photos

April was so busy. I barely had time to do anything extra. I feel like I keep saying that but I know things are slowing down now. I’m hoping in May I will have more time to do some things for me – like some fun crafts or adventures or something.

Today it actually feels like a nice spring day and I love it. I hope the weather stays this way.

Have a great weekend!


march in photos

I know this post is way late. Our internet has been terrible and is only getting worse. And I have been crazy busy…in that way that I know I have been busy and haven’t been home but can’t even remember what has been going on.

We are currently working on getting a new place and hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later so that maybe I can actually get some things done with working internet.

I hope you are all having a great April so far!