30 by 30

  1. open an Etsy shop {completed 7.25.13}
  2. get in shape so that I feel comfortable with my body
  3. get a teaching job
  4. buy a house
  5. get a new car {completed 1.19.13}
  6. have a baby
  7. go on a vacation {completed 11.24.13 – 12.1.13}
  8. take a photography class {completed online 2.24.14} {would still like to do a class in person}
  9. get my reading specialist certification {received reading &writing teacher certification 7.30.13 – all I can get until employed as specialist}
  10. learn to be a better cook
  11. learn to make a really good whoopie pie
  12. plan a surprise weekend away for Dan {completed 2.24.13 – 2.26.13}
  13. adopt a dog
  14. get at least one new tattoo {completed 4.15.12}
  15. make scrap books for bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon {bridal shower completed 3.4.12}
  16. take a road trip
  17. learn to make DeDe’s chocolate chip cookies {1st attempt 3.1.12} {2nd attempt 4.21.12}
  18. hike a mountain that is around 4000 feet {completed 8.12.12}
  19. run the BCS 5k {completed 9.15.12}
  20. go skiing more than once a winter {completed 2.3.13}
  21. learn to use photoshop/picasa/picmonkey to edit photos well
  22. stay at a bed and breakfast for a weekend {completed 6.1.12 – 6.4.12}
  23. do a wine tasting and figure out what wines I really like
  24. take a girl’s trip
  25. learn my family history
  26. spend time volunteering every year
  27. make photo books with old pictures
  28. take a “kids” trip
  29. complete the portsmouth community road race series {completed 10.12.13}
  30. have a fantastic celebration for my 30th birthday

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