love locks and beer

Dan and I had another filled day yesterday. A month or two ago, we bought a livingsocial deal to visit a brewery in Portland, ME, along with a few of our friends. We planned on a day to all go together and that day was yesterday.

Dan and I went up to Portland a little early so we could visit the Love Lock bridge before meeting up with our friends. I’ve always wanted to visit the Love Lock bridge in Paris and was pretty excited when I found out there was one in Portland. I didn’t realize that there were similar bridges all over the place. We bought a lock, wrote our initials and the date in sharpie, and brought it to the bridge. There are a lot of locks on the bridge and it is really cool to see all the different kinds of locks people leave.


IMG_78341 IMG_78401 IMG_78381 After our stop at the Love Locks bridge, we walked around and went in to some shops to kill some time before we had to meet up with our friends.

IMG_78411 IMG_78421 IMG_78431The livingsocial deal was for Rising Tide Brewery. We met our friends there so we could do a tour and redeem our deal for tasting flights, a growler, 2 glasses, and $5 off merchandise.

IMG_78451I’m not a huge beer drinker but I tried 4 beers and actually liked most of them, even the stout. That is a pretty big deal.

After the beer tasting, we went to Sebago Brewing Company for lunch and it was delicious. We walked back to our car, drove to Freeport to look for a jacket for me with no luck, had some yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and drove home. It was another great Saturday!

Any one else have any adventures this weekend?



2 thoughts on “love locks and beer

    • Thanks Yael! I didn’t know there was on in Prague. I found out that are these kinds of bridges all over the place. I would love to visit a bunch of them and leaves locks!

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