flume gorge frozen

Last Saturday Dan and I had an adventure of a day. We got up early to take Dan’s new car in for his 30 day check at the dealer. After sitting there for sooo long {because no one came to tell us it was done…}, we made our way to McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH to fit in another day of skiing before the snow goes away.

After skiing for a couple hours and grabbing some lunch at the ski area, we drove up north to check out what Flume Gorge looks like frozen. I’ve been there in the summer but never in the winter. Let me tell you – it is pretty amazing in the winter.

Many of the wooden walk ways are taken down because of all the ice but you can still walk part of the way up through the gorge. And we may or may not have passed a few stop signs to check out the sites….

IMG_77021 IMG_77191 IMG_77221 IMG_77231 IMG_77271 IMG_77281 IMG_77301 IMG_77321 IMG_77611 IMG_77041 IMG_77081 IMG_77361 IMG_77461 IMG_77501It was nice little hike to get our hearts pumping while at the same time getting some beautiful pictures.

After the Flume, we made our way to Loon Mountain Ski Area to check out the ice castles, which are also amazing. I’ll talk about those in my next post.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Dan and I are heading to NY for the weekend to see his parents. And it is supposed to be kind of warm. So yay!

Brittany{ps. I have tried posting this a couple of times this week but we are having major internet issues here at our apartment. We are looking for a new place and hopefully we won’t be having many internet issues for much longer. So sorry for the lack of posts…it is not for lack of trying}



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