Dan and I had plans on Saturday to go up north and go snowshoeing and then check out the Ice Castles on our way home. Then there was another big snow storm coming and we decided not to go because we would end up driving home in the worst part of the storm.

We decided to go somewhere a little closer in the morning to do some snowshoeing before the storm came. We made our way to Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield, MA. The snow was much crunchier than we were expecting but it was still fun. There are tons of trails and we got a little mixed up trying to find our way around but it was a great morning of exploring in the snow.

IMG_72782 IMG_72792IMG_73072 IMG_73052 IMG_73042 IMG_73032 IMG_73002 IMG_72912 IMG_73132 At one point, we ended up on this trail that was marked as a trail but had obviously not been traveled on in a long while. It was so overgrown. We had to climb over and under trunks and through bushes. It was crazy. IMG_72842IMG_73242 IMG_73222There was this gorgeous stone building on the property. We walked around it to check it out and take some pictures. It is an estate that holds wedding and events. I would love to check out some event here sometime. I would love to see the inside.

Overall, it was a wonderful winter adventure with the hubby.

Right now we’re getting more snow. I had a half day at work today because the snow was starting in the early afternoon and it is really coming down hard. I have to say, I am really over the cold and the snow this year. It is just never ending. I am so looking forward to spring. Anyone else?



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