hiking {mt. agimenticus}

With all the snow we got over the past couple of weeks, we made a plan to go snow shoeing with our friend Renee. However, yesterday it was 50 degrees and rained all day. And Renee decided she couldn’t go. Dan decided we would go anyway and just hike around even if there was no snow.

We drove up to Mt. Agimenticus in York, ME. There was still some snow on the ground since there are a lot of trees around but the trail was mostly ice. So we put our crampons on and went about our way. We hiked for about 2 1/2 hours on a few different trails. One trail went around the mountain, one went to a 2nd summit, and the last one went up to the summit of Mt. Agimenticus. We only had to take our crampons off at the 2 summits. It was a beautiful day to get outside, get some good exercise and go exploring with the hubby.

IMG_73652 IMG_73682 IMG_73732 IMG_73782 IMG_73802IMG_71582IMG_73832 IMG_73842 IMG_73862IMG_71902 IMG_71912 IMG_73922Any snowy adventures where you are? Or warm adventures if you are somewhere else? I hope the weather stays a little warmer for a while because I need a break from the freezing cold.

I hope your weekend was fabulous!



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