Since it is a new year, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of new year’s resolutions. I already posted about some of the things I’m trying to change for the new year but I came across this list and thought it was a good, general list of resolutions that everyone should work on. I found this list on and I wanted to share it with all of you.

10 resolutionsThere is more information for each resolution on her website but here are the 10 resolutions:

1. change the way you think about diet.
2. think a positive thought every morning.
3. volunteer once a month.
4. get 7 hours of sleep.
5. take a daily walk.
6. unplug for an hour a day.
7. cut out soda.
8. read for pleasure.
9. stop wasting food.
10. just do it already.

I think this is a really good reminder of things we should all be working on every day of every year.

What resolutions are you working on for the new year?



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