my first craft fair

Life finally feels back to normal. I have been able to come home the past few days and actually get some relaxing time in, which I have desperately needed. Hopefully I can now get back into blogging more regularly.

Last Saturday I participated in my first craft fair. I have my Etsy shop, Live Happy Creations, which hasn’t done very well and decided I should try and do a craft fair to see if I can sell anything that way. I signed up for this craft fair months ago and then got so busy I had a hard time getting everything ready. I wanted to make sure I had enough items and that my tables wouldn’t look empty. I think I ended up having enough and I loved how the tables looked.

My goal was to at least sell something. When I sold the first thing, my goal changed to sell enough to cover the cost of the booth space. I ended up meeting and exceeding my goal. I didn’t sell a ton but I sold way more than I thought and I was really happy with how the day turned out.

Picture11It was a long day but Dan hung out with me all day and it actually ended up flying by. My mom came and helped us set up. I couldn’t believe when it was already 3 and we had to clean everything up.

I originally requested a hall space that was 8×3 but my mom suggested I change it to a bigger space so I changed it to a 10×10 space. When I showed up, that change wasn’t reflected in the listings so I ended up in the hall anyway. However, it ended up working out really well. No one was right next to me so I had a longer space and being right next to the wall really worked out for my displays. I was able to hang banners up on the wall. I could also lean my frames against the wall.

I used cookie sheets sitting on picture frame easels from Michael’s for the magnets. I used an old suitcase from my grandparent’s basement to hold my photographs. I used photo boxes under the sheet to stand some of the coasters up (this was my mom’s brilliant idea). I used a metal basket I found in NY at a barn sale to hold my animal prints. I bought 2 king size gray sheets to use as tablecloths so they would go all the way to the floor and hide boxes and extra items under the tables.

I had a lot of fun doing this craft fair even though I was so stressed out about it the whole week leading up to the fair. I am so glad I participated and it was definitely a good learning experience. I got a ton of compliments from people who purchased my items and from people who were just wandering by. Everyone liked the items that I had to sell which made me feel good. I did take a walk around the craft fair and I didn’t see anyone else selling the kind of items I was selling. I think I will do another craft fair at some point, probably sometime in the spring, because I had a lot of fun.




5 thoughts on “my first craft fair

  1. Well done Brittany!!! You stall looks AWESOME, and so well set up!! (not like mine haha). Having a stall against a wall would have helped a tonne. You had a great variety of things to sell too! I wish I could zoom right up for a close look hehe.

    It’s definitely stressful first time around, but now I feel much more prepared for next time. We should both give it more tries!

    • Thank you so much Hannah! After the fact, I thought about how I should have taken more close up pictures. Definitely a lesson for next time!
      I did see the pictures of your booth and it looked great! I agree that we should both give it another try and I will definitely feel more prepared for next time!

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