diy {business card holder}

I am doing a craft fair in a little over a month. My mom helped me design business cards a while ago and I knew I would need something to hold them on the table for people to take. I definitely didn’t want just a regular business card holder that you buy at the store so I decided to make one.

I found some great ideas on Pinterest {of course} that used Altoids tins and combined two of them. These were my two main sources of inspiration:

business card holder 1found {here}

business card holder 2found {here}

So I started by just gathering a bunch of stuff that I thought I might use.

IMG_69451I played around a little and liked some things and didn’t like other things. I ended up with a final product. I don’t love how the top of the tin ended up but I do love the edges and the inside. You can’t see the top when the tin is open with the cards in it anyway so I don’t think the top matters that much. The inside is the most important part so I wanted to be sure I loved that. And I do.

Picture1I used my favorite colors: teal, yellow, and gray. I used teal washi tape around the bottom and a thin yellow ribbon around the top part. I created and typed the words for the inside of the top and printed it on cardstock. I used a piece of twine and washi tape to create the little ribbons for the top.

The business cards don’t actually fit in the tin well when they are lying flat but I want them slanted up at the craft fair anyway. Next time I get business cards, I won’t get a border on them so I can trim the corners and make them rounded. I think they would fit in better if the corners are rounded.

Since Altoid tins are so cheap, I’ll probably end up getting another one at some point just to play around some more and see if I can come up with something that I love all the way around.

What do you guys think??



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