i’m taking the plunge…

…I have decided to grow out my bangs…

I know it is such an annoying process but I have had my bangs since 2008, so about 5 1/2 years. Recently I have disliked them more than I have liked them. I decided I could use a change and figured it was a good time to grow out my bangs.

Since I have made the decision, they have been annoying me more than ever. So even though they are still short enough to wear down, I have definitely been pulling them back way more often.

I have been scouring Pinterest for some ideas of ways I can wear my hair to keep my bangs out of my face. I have a hard time with headbands because, even though I think they look sooo cute, they never seem to stay on my head. So I’ve been searching for other ideas. Here are some of the best pages I found.

bangs 1This page {found here} has 15 ways you can pull your bangs back and a lot of them are really cute and styles I feel like I could actually pull off. It also has pictures of each style so it is easier to figure out.

bangs 2This page {found here} gives 10 different ways you can pull your bangs back if you’re growing them out. I don’t like as many on this page but there are a few cute ones. I especially like the bow in this picture. I might just have to try that out.

bangs 3This page {found here} has some tips on how to grow out your bangs along with some ideas but no pictures to go along with the descriptions. I’m sure I can figure some of them out without pictures and there are some cute ideas.

I’m not really looking forward to the actual process of growing my bangs out but I am looking forward to trying all kinds of new hairstyles to keep them out of my face. I’m also looking forward to when my bangs are all grown out and being able to play around with my hair then too.

Have any of you out there grown your bangs out and have any tricks to share with me? I would love any suggestions!



2 thoughts on “i’m taking the plunge…

  1. I usually just make a little puff with my bangs on top of my head and pin it down with bobby pins. Quick, and not too shabby! I don’t usually have to do it for long though, because basically I just pin it back because it’s too long to leave over my face, until I finally get around to getting it cut again hehe. 😉

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