tattoos with the girls

A few of my friends and I had been talking about going to get tattoos together for a while…like a couple of years…

A couple of months ago, I decided on a tattoo that I really wanted to get right away so I asked who wanted to come with me. Four of my girlfriends decided they were also ready to get tattoos and we planned a time we could all go together. Most of us did the CelebratePink 5k for my mom’s organization and we decided to go after the race to get tattoos. All together, there were 6 of us who went to the tattoo parlor and 5 of us got tattoos. I was the only one who had a tattoo already so I was very excited to share this experience with all my friends!

Four of us got a tattoo on our foot and 1 got a tattoo on her ankle. We tried to get pictures of everyone but my friend Courtney’s was so fast that we didn’t end up getting a picture before it was wrapped up.


I got the arrow on my foot. I found this on Pinterest:

arrow{from here}

and instantly knew I wanted it as a tattoo. I feel like I’m kind of stuck in my life right now and I loved the meaning of the arrow. I wanted to get it as a tattoo to remind me that life will move forward eventually and I just have to keep moving along.

I got it on the inside of my left foot and I absolutely love it!

photoshake_13792895138982I love these girls and I loved sharing this experience with my best friends. It was a fun way to spend the day together and I think it is amazing that we all have tattoos that we got together!




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