team dede runs again

Last year I ran the CelebratePink 5k as part of my 30 by 30 list. This is the 5k that my mom puts together as a fundraiser for her organization My Breast Cancer Support. For the race last year, we put together a team to run for my grandmother who passed away last year. We decided to come together again as Team DeDe to run this 5k again. This 5k was also part of the race series I am participating in this year.

We wore the same shirts as last year and the girls decided to rock some pink tutus this year!

Picture4I haven’t been running as much recently so I wasn’t completely prepared for this race. I just wanted to run for DeDe and that was the most important thing. So I just did the best that I could.

This was the 5th annual CelebratePink 5k and my mom really wanted to get over 1,000 runners. With all the people signing up on the say of the race, she broke the 1,000 runner mark! The beginning of the race was a little crowded but it was awesome to have so many people! The entire street was full.

Picture2My grandfather wasn’t able to be at the race last year so we made sure he was there this year. I was so glad to have him there and I could tell he was ecstatic. He was at the finish line to see us finish and he gave me a high five right before I crossed. It was the best part of the whole experience.

Picture3We were all excited to be able to be a part of this amazing race again this year.

Picture5A new feature to the race this year was a photo backdrop where you could take pictures. The backdrop was the t-shirt logo, which was a picture of the new Memorial Bridge that we ran over during the race.

Picture6I love this group of people and love that they want to participate in something like this for my family. It means so much.

Picture7Our family is super close and all of these friends have become part of our family.

I don’t plan on doing much running after this race series is over {which will be tomorrow!!} but I plan on continuing to run this race because it means so much to me.

{most photos were taken by me or my husband. 2 photos of the beginning of the race and the photo of my grandfather and I high fiving were taken by Paul Watson who was taking photos at the race}



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