the flume

So I have realized that I am wayyy behind in my posts about things I’ve been up to. Like I haven’t posted something from August. So, I’m posting about it now. And I plan on catching all my other posts up too.

A couple of months ago, my brother suggested that we go visit The Flume Gorge, which is somewhere we used to go with our dad when we were younger. It is a place up in the White Mountain area that is a natural gorge with some places that have granite walls that around 80 feet tall!

We tried to go one day and it ended up pouring rain when we were about halfway there and continued to pour so we just drove around a little and then drove that 2 hours back home. We planned another day we could go. When that day came, it ended up being a gorgeous, sunny day. We wandered around the walkways and trails and had a fabulous time.

Picture1I love hanging out with my brother and we definitely don’t do it often enough so this was a great way to spend some quality time together.



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