30 by 30 {halfway point update}

Today is my half birthday. So I am 28 1/2 years old. I am halfway through the amount of time I gave myself for my 30 by 30. And I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to complete it.

I know I still have some time left but there are some things on the list that I’m just not sure are going to happen…

Anyway, let me go through what I have completed.

  1. open an Etsy shop {completed 7.25.13}
  2. get in shape so that I feel comfortable with my body
  3. get a teaching job
  4. buy a house
  5. get a new car {completed 1.19.13}
  6. have a baby
  7. go on a vacation
  8. take a photography class
  9. get my reading specialist certification
  10. learn to be a better cook
  11. learn to make a really good whoopie pie
  12. plan a surprise weekend away for Dan {completed 2.24.13 – 2.26.13}
  13. adopt a dog
  14. get at least one new tattoo {completed 4.15.12}
  15. make scrap books for bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon {bridal shower completed 3.4.12}
  16. take a road trip
  17. learn to make DeDe’s chocolate chip cookies {1st attempt 3.1.12} {2nd attempt 4.21.12}
  18. hike a mountain that is around 4000 feet {completed 8.12.12}
  19. run the BCS 5k {completed 9.15.12}
  20. go skiing more than once a winter {completed 2.3.13}
  21. learn to use photoshop well
  22. stay at a bed and breakfast for a weekend {completed 6.1.12 – 6.4.12}
  23. do a wine tasting and figure out what wines I really like
  24. take a girl’s trip
  25. learn my family history
  26. spend time volunteering every year
  27. make photo books with old pictures
  28. take a “kids” trip
  29. complete the portsmouth community road race series
  30. have a fantastic celebration for my 30th birthday

So there are 30 items on my list and so far I have completed 10. Some other things on the list are being worked on. Some things are me crossing my fingers that the teaching job will happen so that other things can happen.

I am currently working on:

  1. get in shape so that I feel comfortable with my body
  2. get a teaching job
  3. take a photography class
  4. learn to be a better cook
  5. take a girl’s trip
  6. spend time volunteering every year
  7. make photo books with old picture
  8. complete the portsmouth community road race series

It makes me feel better that there are 8 items in the works, a few of which will be completed this year.

I hope I can make this all happen before I turn 30 but if I don’t get a teaching job it puts a hold on a few of the other items {house, baby, dog}.

I know a lot can happen in 1 1/2 years so I guess we will see.

Any 30 by 30 or other similar lists that you guys are working on??


5 thoughts on “30 by 30 {halfway point update}

  1. Hannah says:

    You’ve done quite a lot, and some of those things are quite big too! I think you could come very close to completeing all of it. Have you tried fitting them all into a monthly timeline so you can try and see if they would all realistically fit into a year and a half? Or at least the priority ones?

    • I haven’t tried organizing it like that only because some of them can’t be, like getting a teaching job or buying a house. Maybe some of the other ones I will try and organize better, like making whoopie pies. Thanks for the encouragement!

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