diy {glitter sneakers}

Sometime last year, I saw this picture on Pinterest.

glitter sneakersI instantly knew that I wanted to make a pair of glitter sneakers for myself.

These sneakers are from Joy the Baker. I think they are so adorable.

I decided that this summer was the time to make them. So I did last week.

I followed the directions on Joy’s blog pretty closely. But when I went to buy sneakers at Target, they only had black in my size. I decided to just go with it because I really wanted to get started on my sneakers. And I forgot to take a picture of the sneakers before I started.

The first thing I did was put duck tape all around the soles of the shoes so I wouldn’t get glitter on them.

Picture1I decided to do silver glitter instead of gold and I got multicolor glitter to do the heart with. I mixed up just a little bit of multicolor glitter with Mod Podge because I knew I wouldn’t need to much just for the heart. For the silver, I followed the directions on the blog which was 3/4 cup Mod Podge with 1/2 cup of glitter. This was way too much, probably twice as much as I ended up needing.

I penciled in a heart on the front of one of the sneakers and painted that with the multicolor first.

IMG_62771I then did a coat of the silver glitter on the rest of both sneakers.

IMG_62831I let that coat dry for maybe 20 – 30 minutes. I did a 2nd coat of both the silver and the multicolor. I made the 2nd coat a lot thicker to cover up the black more. This coat was taking a lot more time to dry so I left it overnight.

IMG_62861When I woke up the next morning, I instantly went to check on my sneakers. They looked pretty good. I did a 3rd coat that was just touching up a few spots that weren’t quite covered enough.

Picture3When they were dry, I took the duck tape off. I liked the look of them a lot more with the white soles showing.

Picture2I was going out to wander around downtown Portsmouth that day so I decided it would be a perfect day to try my new glitter sneakers!

IMG_63031I walked around for a couple of hours in them and they were pretty comfortable. They were a little hard from the dried glitter but they loosened up a bit the more I walked. However, by the time I was done walking, they already had cracks in the glitter.

IMG_63241I definitely love these sneakers. I do think I would love them more if they were white because I think it would look better. I also think if they were white, I wouldn’t have put the glitter on so thick so maybe they wouldn’t have cracked so much. I will definitely be doing this again with white sneakers. I also think I’ll do the multicolor glitter all over because I think that would look pretty. I’ll keep you posted on that!

What do you guys think??


2 thoughts on “diy {glitter sneakers}

  1. Hannah says:

    So creative! Itd a shame about the cracks, but you’re right about white ones probably workng better. They are very cool regardless!

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