hiking {mt. katahdin}

Sometime last year, someone mentioned something about wanting to hike Katahdin. It instantly became something we were going to do this year. We figured out a date and started planning. Dan booked camp sites for us as soon as he could because it is crazy getting camp sites up in Baxter State Park and you can only do it starting at a certain date and it is complicated. But he did it and we had 2 camp sites ready to go. There was supposed to be 6 of us going but only 4 of us ended up going. We still had a fabulous time.

We drove up last Monday. It took us about 6 hours which felt so long. As soon as we got to the camp ground, we started setting up.

Picture3After we were done setting up, we decided to take a walk down the road to see what there was. There was a pond with pretty flowers and a beautiful view. And the road itself was pretty amazing, all smooth dirt and tons of trees.

Picture4After our walk, we had dinner. Some burgers on the grill and of course we had some s’mores over the fire.

Picture1The next morning, we got up early and got ready to go hiking. We headed out on the Abol trail to go up Katahdin. It was a crazy hike up consisting mostly of a rock slide, which was rocks we had to climb up most of the way that only got bigger the closer to the top we got. It was so hard and tiring.

Picture6We finally made it over all the rocks and made it to the Tablelands, which was the flat area before we made it to the summit. It was flat for a little bit until we had to climb a few more rocks to make it to the summit.

Picture7 When we finally made it to the summit, the view was amazing. The summit was pretty crowded but we still got the pictures we wanted and rested for a little bit. It felt amazing to make it to the top. I have never been so tired after a hike so I was glad to have a little rest at the top.

Picture5When we started our hike down, we took a different trail. We thought it would be easier but it ended up being a ridge that also had crazy rocks that we had to climb through and over. It was kind of scary at some points and definitely hard. I was glad when we got back into the trees. There was a nice waterfall towards the bottom so we took a little break to enjoy the stream and waterfall.

Picture8When we finally finished, after about 11 hours, it felt amazing. I was so proud of us for doing such a good job! We were way ahead of our estimated time that Dan planned. We were so excited!

When we got back to the campsite, we were all exhausted. We changed and relaxed around the fire. We grilled some hot dogs over the fire for dinner and, of course, had some s’mores for dessert. We also played some Uno before we all went to bed early.

Picture2I am proud of myself for finishing. I know that any mountain I climb around here will feel easy now that I’ve finished Katahdin.

It was a great couple of days hanging out and camping with friends. I’m happy that we planned this trip out and I can’t wait til our next big adventure.



5 thoughts on “hiking {mt. katahdin}

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh wow, 11 hours! it looked amazing! Tough work but such a beneficial past-time! I used to do a lot of bushwalking with my family growing up. I miss it now that I’m married (not so many mountains in this part of the country). Will be hard with a baby now lol.

    • It is tough but feels really good to finish!
      I can imagine it would be hard with a baby. Maybe when he gets a little older you will be able to find some small hikes to do. šŸ™‚

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