I have to admit something.

I’ve been done with the school year for 3 weeks now and I haven’t really done much. I haven’t done much for an Etsy shop. I haven’t done much for a vintage rental business. I haven’t done much for this blog. I haven’t done much for life in general.

I think it is a combination of a mini mental breakdown, the weather, and laziness.

I need some motivation.

motivate yourselfAnd I know that motivation has to come from me.

I need to get started on all of these things. I need to not let the time get away from me. I do have a lot of time this summer and I don’t want to waste it thinking I still have tons of time. I think I’m a little scared about trying to start up new adventures that aren’t teaching.

big life change

I need to at least try and see what happens. I need to do my best and experience this and hope that it does well. And if it doesn’t, at least I tried. I don’t want to be scared to try.

So this is me saying that I am going to stay motivated. I am going to do my best. I am going to try.

i can do this


2 thoughts on “motivation

  1. Hannah says:

    Aw, I know how you feel. Except for cooking, baking, and more cooking, I don’t feel like I do ever do anything! I also have an Etsy shop which is just waiting for me to organise photos to stock it, etc, but something always distracts me.

    Maybe you could go shopping at flea markets and antique stores! You might find something for your rental business, or just for you ;). Do you have garage sales in Canada (you might call them yard sales)? I used love getting up early on a Saturday morning and running around town trying to find treasures. The good thing is because people want to get rid of stuff, you can usually offer a way lower price and get it!

    Anyway, sending a hug your way…sounds like you need to just get out of the house and inspiration might just be there waiting. x

    • I didn’t realize you had an etsy shop Hannah! I’ll have to check it out sometime. What is it called?

      I definitely love flea markets and yard sales. We definitely have yard sales here in New Hampshire {I’m in the US}. I plan on trying to get to some over the next couple of months. I think that will help my motivation definitely.

      Thank you so much! I do need some inspiration and I know I can find some around, I just need to look for it. 🙂

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