a bike ride {across the country}

So sometime last year, my little brother Ryan decided that he wanted to ride his bicycle all the way across the country. He was going to ride out to California and than ride back. Then he changed his mind and decided to fly out to California and ride his bike back.

At first, none of us were sure if he would really go through with this plan or not. But he got more and more serious about the whole thing as time went on. And he did it.

He left for California at the very end of April. He flew to San Francisco and gave himself a day to explore the city. He left on his bike on May 1st and started his trek across the country. He posted pictures occasionally and posted a video about once a week to keep us all updated.

It took him only 47 days to ride his bike across the whole country, from San Francisco to Rye, NH. 47 days. Holy cow.

We knew he was going to be home on Sunday so we all went down to the beach to meet him. He started at the beach in CA and wanted to end at the beach in NH. We had a welcoming party with signs and everything to welcome him home.

Picture1We all gathered and waited for him to show up. All of a sudden, we saw him come around the turn and were ready to greet him. He had a huge smile on his face the whole time he was coming down the road.

Picture2He seemed really excited to see us all there to greet him. He was also really excited to be done on his bike.

Picture3He took all of his supplies and packs off his bike so he could bring it down to the water. He started in the water and was going to end with his tires touching the ocean.


He looked so relieved to be finished with his long trek.

Picture5I loved being there to see him finish this huge accomplishment. And I loved that we had a whole group of friends and family at the beach.

IMG_585512Picture6I am so proud of my brother. A few years ago, he never would have done something like this. He decided he wanted to do this and he stuck with it. He accomplished this huge feat and I couldn’t be prouder. He has turned into such an amazing person and I’m glad he is my brother.



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