diy {2 year anniversary pillows}

As I already posted, Dan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary about 2 weeks ago. I have been telling Dan that I want to go along with the traditional presents for our anniversaries. So, for 2 years, the traditional gift is cotton. I had a little trouble thinking of something. For our 1st anniversary, the present was paper, and I had no trouble coming up with tons of ideas. But for cotton…I just wasn’t sure.

I finally came up with the ideas of pillows. We have been saying that we want new pillows for our couch for a while. I thought pillows could fall under the cotton category so I decided to go with that.

I wanted to find neutral colored pillows that I could paint something on to make them more personal. I found 2 cheap tan pillows at WalMart that I thought could work but were kind of small. Then I went to TJ Maxx and found a set of 2 pillows that were gray on one side and really cute yellowish lime green and white pattern on the other side. And it was only $19.99 for the set! Perfect. And since I had already bought the tan ones too, I decided to just do all 4.

I brought them home and used fabric paint to paint on the pillows. 


For the gray ones, which are bigger, I found some designs I loved online that I decided to use. The one with the ampersand I personalized the words more for us. I used some general ones but also some personal ones. The other gray one I just used the design as is. I liked the word choices. On one of the tan pillows I used a short quote that I really like. On the other one, I painted our wedding vows that we said to each other and put our wedding date at the bottom.


When I gave them to Dan, I had them all lined up on the couch. He was very surprised.

I really love the way they turned out. Dan loves them too but is afraid to ruin them. We haven’t gotten rid of the old pillows because he doesn’t want these new ones to get ruined by too much leaning. I love that about him.

I’m sure they will get lots of use and be worn in in no time.

What do you guys think??


2 thoughts on “diy {2 year anniversary pillows}

  1. Hannah says:

    These are so sweet! I love that you hand-made your gift instead of just buying something. These are the things that money can’t buy. I especially love the one with your vows on it. xx

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